We are a young financial technology company with a passion for financial health. Our vision is to help simplify our members' financial lives and, in the process, empower them to make wiser financial decisions and achieve long-term financial health, especially after retirement.


Retirement Benefits Counselling

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Independent from any product provider

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Digital adoption in the retirement industry during lockdown

by Ernst Hertzog | EBNet 29 April 2020

Lockdown has had a major impact on how people live, work and communicate. While most people are focused on food security and when they will be going back to work, life will never be the same for most industries.

Retirement Benefit Counselling and the Digital Era

by Hayden Naidoo | June 2020

Recent events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, have shown companies across the globe the importance of flexibility and adaptation. The ability to conduct business remotely can be a matter of life or death for certain businesses.

How WhatsApp can bring much-needed change to the Retirement Industry

by Hayden Naidoo | June 2020

Most retirement funds in South Africa still rely on the South African Post Office to fulfill their obligations to communicate with members especially when it is time to distribute benefit statements.


Retirement Benefits Counselling

We provide retirement benefits counselling via an online cloud-based platform and self-service kiosks. Our turnkey solution is fully compliant with new default regulations under section 36 of the South African Pension Funds Act and makes provision for retirement, resignation, retrenchment and dismissal.

The Benefit Counsellor can be accessed by all members, at any time, and on any online device. We also install self-service kiosks on site to make the service more accessible to members. Members can see their savings balances, plan for the future and receive counselling in real-time. All this can now also be done through WhatsApp for even more convenience.

We take care of the security of information and privacy of our clients according to industry best practices.

We are serious about financial health and know that retirement planning starts long before retirement. Therefore, our solution serves as a one-stop retirement planning tool for members of all ages.

The South African Pension Funds Act stipulates that all retirement fund members must have access to retirement benefits counselling:

  • before any withdrawal benefit is paid;
  • before any transfer is made to another fund;
  • and at least three months before their normal retirement age.

Member Communication

We understand the challenges facing retirement funds when it comes to communicating with members.

Our platform helps retirement funds to effectively communicate with their members at all times. Members are empowered to access their fund balances, contribution history and other benefits at any time and when they might have queries, our live chat agents are ready to assist.

Member Education

Throughout the counselling process, we nudge members into making responsible financial decisions. We do this through educational material and a gamified rewards system that steer members towards responsible decisions and financial wellness.

We do not provide financial advice, but have access to an extensive network of professional financial advisors that can assist members if needed.


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